Advanced Praise from Business Leaders

Jayson Gaignard

I was asked to read an early copy of The Second in Command, and quickly realized . . . I’ve been NEEDING THIS BOOK! When it comes to taking companies from good to great, very few people have a track record like Cameron Herold.

Joe Polish

If you want to multiply your success and make your vision a reality, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This book is a roadmap for founders and CEOs to find a solution to what plagues them the most and causes endless frustration. This is advice and a proven formula.

Sean Magennis

Role clarity is critical for the success of a CEO and COO working together. While the CEO is typically a visionary and should be working ON the business, the lines of responsibility can blur if they do not have a strong and capable #2 dedicated to owning the details and day-to-day …

Verne Harnish

Running a business is ultimately about freedom. And Cameron’s understanding of how companies can leverage the role of a COO can give you that freedom. I’ve known Cameron and the companies he’s helped scale up since 1998. The Second in Command is a must-read.