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I speak out when somebody is being abused or victimized. I don’t care who the abuser is or what position they are in; I stand up to them. My childhood shaped me to be this way.

As a lawyer with 21 years of experience, I have recovered millions of dollars for clients in cases involving sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination. I have an unwavering commitment to not allow wealth, power, influence, or status to exempt anyone from the rules of society.

My father was a terrifying presence who subjected me to sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. Despite knowing, my mother remained silent. Darkness loomed within me, leading to depression and multiple suicide attempts. I remained quiet out of fear and shame, never telling a soul. Typical victim behavior.

Motivated by the pains of my childhood,

I became a lawyer in order to stand up for victims of abuse.

I founded my own firm, Haeggquist & ECK LLP, in San Diego in 2008, which has helped hundreds of other women stand up for themselves. I have challenged high-profile entities including The Salk Institute, Trader Joe’s, Kaiser Permanente, the San Diego Sheriff‘s Department, and a President-elect.

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My core message is that, as a society, we need to break the silence and help women stand up to their abusers. In 2023, I broke my own silence and published my story in the book, Fired Up: Fueling Triumph from Trauma.

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