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Speak Your Truth.

Go From Trauma to Triumph.

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Calvin A. Colarusso
“Alreen Haeggquist has written a brave and powerful book that documents the devastating effects of sexual abuse. Like many other child victims, she lived alone with the torment of the abuse throughout her childhood and young adult years. As horrific as Attorney Haeggquist’s story is, it is unfortunately all too common. Hopefully, Attorney Haeggquist’s extremely poignant book will encourage others to seek the help that can transform their lives.”

Calvin A. Colarusso,

MD, psychiatrist and retired clinical professor of psychiatry

Christy Heiskala
“Through sharing her personal experience, Alreen encourages survivors to let go of shame and move toward their dreams. I highly recommend this book to survivors, their families, and those who work with survivors.”

Christy Heiskala,

Credentialed Survivor Advocate

Jordanna Quinn
“Fired Up is a wonderful example of not only facing trauma head on but overcoming trauma and using that experience to excel personally, professionally, and emotionally. Alreen Haeggquist shows us that facing adversity and our fears allows us to achieve any goal we set our minds to.”

Jordanna Quinn,

DO, MS, physical medicine, rehabilitation, and regenerative and functional medicine specialist

Shari Botwin
“Alreen Haeggquist speaks from her heart as she describes surviving childhood sexual abuse and moving into a life of hope and victory. This book is a wonderful resource for survivors, clinicians, and supporters of childhood sexual abuse survivors. It leaves readers with the message that there is life after surviving horrific experiences in childhood!”

Shari Botwin,

LCSW, author of Thriving After Trauma and Stolen Childhoods


If you had met me in the fall of 2015, you would have thought I had everything I could possibly want.

And on some level, I did. At thirty-eight, I had fulfilled my dream of finishing law school, starting my own successful law practice, and was entering Trial Lawyers College to become a better trial lawyer. I was married to a wonderful man and had a beautiful three-year-old daughter.

My life was full. And yet, I felt so alone.

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Are you a media outlet seeking commentary on a high-profile employment, discrimination, or sexual harassment case? Alreen provides expert commentary.

Alreen also speaks on the impacts of sexual trauma as they relate to the workplace.

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