Advanced Praise and Reviews

Shari Botwin

This book is a wonderful resource for survivors, clinicians, and supporters of childhood sexual abuse survivors. It leaves readers with the message that there is life after surviving horrific experiences in childhood!“

Jordanna Quinn

But overcoming trauma and using that experience to excel personally, professionally, and emotionally. Alreen Haeggquist shows us that facing adversity and our fears allows us to achieve any goal we set our minds to.“

Christy Heiskala

Alreen encourages survivors to let go of shame and move toward their dreams. I highly recommend this book to survivors, their families, and those who work with survivors.“

Calvin A. Colarusso

Like many other child victims, she lived alone with the torment of the abuse throughout her childhood and young adult years. As horrific as Attorney Haeggquist’s story is, it is unfortunately all too common. Hopefully, Attorney Haeggquist’s extremely poignant book will encourage others to seek the help that can transform their lives.“